Shiney New ...

About 6 weeks ago I ordered a pair of trainers over the internet.  They were quite expensive but I had made my mind up that they were what I wanted and I couldn't get them from any shops in Edinburgh (and believe me I tried lots and lots of shops - most had the make, some had the range, a few had the colour but none had all 3).  After them not arriving I contacted the company to see what was wrong and was told they had been on back order and would be with me before the end of the week.  I waited.  And waited.  Then I gave upi waiting and called them again.  After them apologising lots they told me they were having difficulties getting hold of the size and colour I wanted (UK size 10 in a dark colour set).  I said I would wait for them to get them and they sent me an email promising they would be with me within a firther 14 days.  2 days ago I got fed up waiting, phoned them and cancelled my order (making sure I hadn't been charged for them first).  Then I trawled the interent for an hour or so to find somewhere else to get them - same problems as trying to find them in Edinburgh (if I had size 7 feet there would be no problem apparently).  Finally I found a site that was reporting them to be in stock and £10 cheaper than the first place I'd ordered from.  I ordered a pair exected them to arrive in a week or so.

The doorbell rang about 10 minutes ago.  A man handed me a package and asked me to sign for it.  I had no idea what I was signing for.  It was my trainers!  Ordered at 3.05pm on Wednesday, delivered at 2.45pm Friday - fantastic!

If anyone is after any outdoorsy-type stuff I thoroughly recommend you check out Venturesport.

And now, I'm off out to bounce about in my new trainers ...

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For Sale ...

For sale ... Sony DAV-S500 surround sound system. Immaculate condition.  Will sell for £100

DVD player
DVD Video/Super Audio CD/CD/CD-R/RW/Video CD playback
"S-Master" fully digital 6-channel amplifier
Digital Cinema Sound
Dolby Digital, Dolby ProLogic and DTS decoders
5 x 40W + 80W subwoofer (RMS)
FM/MW RDS Tuner with 30 presets
Optical digital inputs/outputs
2-way front satellite speakers, full range centre/rear speakers
Passive subwoofer (18cm)

Remote commander that illuminates in the dark



21 Grams ...

I'm just back from seeing 21 Grams.  Not what I was expecting at all.  Better than I was expecting actually.  Not one I will get on DVD but good all the same.

Now I'm off to order far too many DVDs from and

And I suppose I'd better eat some lunch at some point soon too...


can I have my car back please ...

This morning (felt more like the middle of the night to me though) I took my car to the garage for 8am to have a couple of bits of warranty work carried out.  I've been to the garage a few times before and always they give me the worlds worst courtesy car - an Audi A3 estate (looks like a brick, handles like a brick, may as well have been a brick).  This time, however, they gave me a sporty little A3 FSi 2.0, much nicer car.  The problem is that the seats are awful.  They feel like the belong in something 15 years old and not a car that's only got 800 miles on the clock.  If it wasn't for the seats I'd be out in it right now.

Now, if the garage could phone in the next couple of hours and tell me they have finished with my car and I can go collect it I'll be a happy man.  I want my car back.


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I thought I'd play around with the icon creator that people have been using lately.  After a little fiddling in Photoshop, I have a new icon.

Now, bed.

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